Backups FAQ

Are backups encrypted?

Yes. Anything in Privary is encrypted. Content of a backup is fully encrypted with AES CTR 256.

How can I import my backup from the Cloud?

Take a look on Restore from the Cloud.

I get bk-1 when importing a backup file

  1. Check that you have enough free storage. At least same amout as size of the backup file.

  2. Try to import the backup manually:

    Rename the backupfile and add ".zip" to the filename. You can now open the backupfile with a filemanager or winzip and see the encrypted files. Move the folders .do_not_delete_1 and .do_not_delete_2 from the backup into the Privary data folder. It is located directly on your storage.


    You may will be asked to migrate the folder - confirm. Files from the backup are now manually imported to the current vault and will be visible, if the password / PIN matches with the password used to encrypt the files.

    P.S.: The .privary folder is located on your device storage or sd-card (if activated from the settings). It's in a hidden state. You can make it visible if your file manager app can show hidden files.

If you still cannot import the backup, move it to a Desktop PC and try to open it with Winrar or 7zip.

Try to repair the backup i.e. with Winrar built-in repair tool.

Create a new backup if possible or use the Cloud Backup.

My current password is not matching with the backup

As content of a backup is always encrypted, your current password will be used. To import a backup with a different password, change your current password from the Privary settings to match that from the backup and retry the import.

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