Advanced Settings

Open the Privary settings and move down to Advanced Settings

Keep Screen Private

Privary blocks the screen for third party apps by default when you are logged in your Vault. This ensures highest privacy, especially against malware. However, you may consider to disable that option if you want to take screenshots from inside Privary.

Active by default

Hide Files

Privary removes the source of an imported file by default. Deactivate this option to keep source files after import in your default public phone gallery.

Active by default

Safe delete with Shredder

The source of any imported file will be overwritten before deleting to make a restore impossible (anti-restore).

Disabled by default

Hide from recent apps

Privary doesn't show in the recent apps list. This makes it impossible for someone to comprehend when you have lastly used Privary.

Active by default

Quick Logout

Privary closes entirely when locked instead going back to the login menu.

Disabled by default

Automatic Lock-Timer

Set the timout when Privary should lock your Vault when minimized the app to background. Applies when disabling the AutoLock.

15 seconds by default

Maximize Brightness

Increases the brightness of your screen to maximum when viewing photos or videos.

Disabled by default

Use highest photo display quality

Use the highest color depth and max. resolution when viewing photos. This will consume way more RAM and a bit more battery but delivers the best photo quality (original quality).

Activating will disable drag down/up to close a photo and the 360Β° Finger.

Disabled by default

Move deleted files to trash

The Trash helps to recover files you've deleted accidentially. Disable that and deleted file will no longer be moved to the Trash = unrecoverable deleted.

Active by default

Bug analysis & statistics

Helps us to improve Privary by sending performance and bug reports to our hq. Data is anonymous by default.

Active by default

Delete sorting

Clears the database to rebuild the sorting of files and folders.

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