Lock the Vault

Privary locks by default when you leave the app. However, you can adjust that or even lock your Private Photo Vault by flipping your phone.


Activate the option from the Privary settings to have a quick and reliable way to lock your Vault whenever required.


Makes sure that your Vault locks whenever you leave the app. That's active by default. If you disable that option, your Vault will lock after 15 seconds in background if you don't reopen (see Automatic Lock-Timer on how to change that)

That's visible directly after login in the top left. Tap on the logo to lock your Vault immediately.


Simply shake your phone to lock your Vault immediately. This will also close the entire app and remove Privary from the recent app list.

Automatic Lock-Timer

Open the Privary settings -> Advanced Settings - to adjust from 5 to 60 seconds for when Privary should lock your Vault when running in the background. This applies if you disable the AutoLock.

Move the slider to the end to turn that option off.

Mind: Your Vault will stay unlocked if you disable the Logout Delay until you lock it manually by any of the options on this page.

Quick Logout

Perfect to hide your Vault immediately when you lock it. This is not active by default. Once activated, Privary will no longer open the login menu when you lock your Private Vault.

Turn off the screen

Always forces Privary to lock your Vault and hide the app from the recently used apps.

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