Storage of data

Privary uses a persistent storage mechanism (Android only, iOS doesn't support that). The persistent mechanism ensures that you can uninstall and reinstall Privary whenever you like without files being deleted.

Can I format my phone?

Yes, but take a backup. A phone reset removes all files from your storage and may also from a plugged in sd-card.

What happens if I uninstall Privary?

Android: Your files persist. Reinstall Privary any time to login and view your Vault.

iOS: Files of an app are deleted by default when uninstalling. Don't confirm the warning message unless you've created a backup.

Can I clean my phone storage from time to time?

Sure. Just ensure that you don't delete any file that is stored under the path .privary.

Mind: Cleaning tools are not intelligent. You may delete important files if you don't carefully check what will be deleted during a clean up.

Tip: Always take a backup from time to time. Manually or automatically.

I've logged in but my Vault is empty

Think carefully about what you last did on your device because files cannot automatically disappear.

  • Phone reset?

  • Cleaning tool used?

  • Removed or resetted the sd-card?

  • Removed or renamed a folder on your phone?

Privary protects your files and cannot delete anything without you giving the instruction. A file cannot disappear automatically

If you had the Cloud active, easily restore. Otherwise it's required to find out what you did in order to restore. If you have used a cleaning tool and didn't check what is deleted during the clean up, send a mail to the support of the cleaning tool. They may have a fallback to restore files.

For the case you stored your Vault on the sd-card and pulled that out for some reason, simply reimport.

Just in case you have removed a folder from your phone using a file manager, that was maybe the Privary data folder. Restore that somehow if you didn't have used any Privary backup option.

If you have reseted your device a backup file or Cloud backup is required in any case.

Mind: Due to the persistent storage method of Privary, all data is preserved even after uninstallation. Files cannot delete themselves automatically.

Use the built-in search option

Start Privary and press on the Privary Logo at the top. Select the option search for files from the bottom and Privary will scan for all associated files and reimport them automatically.

Mind: This works only if the files have not been deleted manually or with cleaning tools. It's useful if you have moved the data folder .privary from it's original location accidentially.

Restore data folder

You have a backup of the data folder .privary or the sub-folders .do_not_delete_1 / .do_not_delete_2?

Place the folder .privary on your phone storage. Directly on the root - not inside a folder. Overwrite if required.

The backup is now recovered. Login to view the content. If you don't see anything after login, ensure that you have placed the data folder .privary in the right location and log in into the Main

Final path: Storage/.privary

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