Create Your Vault

Time to protect your privacy on your mobile. Create your first Private Vault to securely protect and hide everything that matters to you.

Install Privary

Move to the Google Play Store and install Privary on your mobile.

πŸ”— Download from Google Play

Let's start

Installation done? Good! Let's create your Private Vault.

Start Privary on your mobile. You may be asked to allow required storage permissions. These are required to store your Private Vault on your phone. You can read more about why Privary requires permissions to work.

Privary will ask you to enter a personal pin or password.

Enter a pin/password that nobody else knows and preferably has a certain complexity (get tips).

Your password is very important. Remember it very well and be sure to activate the password recovery.

Activate the password recovery

Privary will ask you to set up a e-mail to activate the password recovery. We strongly recommend to use this option.

However, if you are more comfortable with an offline password recovery option, please use the alternative access password from the Privary settings.

Both password recovery options share the same encryption like anything else inside Privary. AES CTR 256-bit.

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