Organize & Sort

We should always have the freedom to sort our files the way we want. Privary gives you exactly that freedom.

Customize displayed rows

Select the organize button
from the top menu.
Use the Grid-Style to change the displayed rows.
Tip: Press Grid-Style a few times to see all available styles.

Sort files

From the organize button
select any sort option that you prefer. Option will be active for the current folder. You can set a different sort option for each created folder.
Drag & Drop a file inside a folder to any position to customize the order.

Move & Copy

Press and hold on a file in the overview to enter the select mode. Then single tap each file you want to move or copy and select the Move
or Copy Button
from the top menu.

Privatize individual files in your sorting

Use the organize button
to disable preview images for folders or files. This will hide the preview image. Perfect if you want to show someone a certain folder but not content of other folders.