Activate Face/Iris Login

👑 Open your Vault blazing fast even if you set a complex secure password.


Not all phones support the Class 3 / Strong Biometric Cipher for Face or Iris Authenttication.
If you unsure if your phone supports that feature please ask the manufacturer.

Let's start

Make sure that you set at least one Face/Iris authentication in your phone's settings to proceed.
From the Privary settings select Fingerprint / Face Unlock. Select the Face/Iris option and wait a moment for the confirmation.
Changing or adding a Face/Iris parameter in your phone's settings requires Privary to reaunthenticate
Important: Always mind your password even if you login with Face/Iris. Ensure to use the password recovery to have a fallback
You'd like to use Fingerprint as your preferred login method? Activate Fingerprint