Activate Fingerprint

👑 That's perfect to open your Vault blazing fast even if you set a complex secure password.

Let's start

Make sure that you set at least one fingerprint in your phone's settings to proceed.
From the Privary settings select Fingerprint / Face Unlock. Place your finger on the fingerprint sensor and wait a moment for the confirmation.

That's secure!

Privary uses hardware based encryption for the fingerprint authentication (Class 3 / Strong Biometric). The associated data to your fingeprint cannot be read from outside without authentication.
Changing or adding a fingerprint in your phone's settings requires Privary to reauthenticate
Important: Always mind your password even if you login with fingerprint. Ensure to use the password recovery to have a fallback
You'd like to use Facelogin or Iris-Scan for the login? Activate Face/Iris Login